Barker's English Mastiffs

Mongo has the top seven bloodlines in the world. Along with all of the great English Mastiffs pictured above, his genetics include Griener-Hall, Goliath and Beowulf just to name a few.


Semper Fi's Gropetti's Gargoyles Grandson. We took the closest living relative to the Best English Mastiff ever and he was the basis for our line. 

16 time International Champion. Best English Mastiff in Europe.


Tank's son and a perfect English Mastiff with several great bloodlines in addition to being the Best English Mastiff ever's closest living relative.

Carlo Magno del Fracasso

Won the Westminster "Best of Breed" TWICE and went on to father over 200 champions. Undisputed best English Mastiff ever.


Semper Fi Gropetti Gargoyle