Barker's English Mastiffs

English Mastiff Heritage

Our Ancestory is unparalleled

Germany embargoed England after WWII and the British Isles were under strict rationing until 1957. During that time, the English Mastiff population dwindled to approximately three dozen. For decades, the English Mastiff enthusiasts went to the colonies all over the world to try and get the English Mastiffs back to their original pride and glory through decades of selective breeding. 

In the 90’s Semper Fi Gropetti Gargoyle won the Westminster, Best of Breed twice and all agreed that this special creature was the epitome of the pre WWII traditional Heritage English Mastiff. Finally.

When he died, his semen was harvested and stored. But the facility was decimated in a fire and only a three vials survived. The first two attempts failed to produce a litter but the last vial worked and there were three rare puppies. The pick boy is Tank’s father. That is were we started.

We bred Tank to Tiger, a very rare reverse brindle of the prestigious Griener-Hall lineage whose line was known for health and conformity.

Tiger began a regular birthing of about a puppy an hour. Fat and healthy. But after three, nothing. Not for four hours. Finally this monster pup flopped out and two more pups fell out behind him. He plugged up the works but Dozer was born.

Dozer became an even improved version of his father. Just like his dad. Huge box head. Big Black mask. Massive size. Perfection.

Then came Nala. Well, it was a little more complicated than that. Getting Nala was a major logistic feat.

Nala’s grandfather is Carlo Magno del Fracasso, 16 time International Champion living in Italy, and her grandmother was the best English Mastiff in France at the time, Valrhona Bruillemail. 

Add in a little Beowulf and Goliath genetics and you have our girl Nala.

Nala mated with Dozer and the same thing happened. Three great, fat pups and then nothing for hours. Then, this monster pup pops out and two more fall out behind him. Mongo was born.

Tank, Dozer, Mongo and now Barker’s Massive King Kong recently entered the world. Our newest big guy who has 8 of the best bloodlines in the world. It has never been done. 

That is why we have the best.


Smokey and my lovely wife Vicki