If the "going in " price is a concern you will have a terrible time affording the upkeep of this magnificent dog. They require double the heartwarming medicine as well as double everything else. They are not inexpensive to maintain properly.

Figure around a couple hundred bucks a month for quality food and a visit to the doc once a year for a physical and vaccination updates. 

So before you pull the trigger on owning one of these rascals make sure you can afford it.

We usually have a waiting list. The key word is "waiting". We are not in control of Mother Nature. Sometimes we do have pups available immediately but rarely. 

Impatient people should go elsewhere. These dogs need patient owners because they will make mistakes along the way and they may be costly. Chewed up couch? Messed up area rug? It happens. They are just like young children at first only much larger. Usually they mess up only once until they see how disappointed you are and then they seldom do it twice but it does happen. 

Also, we are very picky about who we work with. English Mastiff owners need to be nice people to deal with and nice to their new family member.

So if you are still reading this, at least you know a bit about what you are getting into whoever you get your next family member from, but the rewards are huge. Life changing. There is nothing like this creature. They are much more than just mere dogs. They are the King of everything on four legs and get tremendous respect with their two legged acquaintances as well.

To get on the waiting list a deposit is required. It is non refundable but it does go towards the purchase price. We breed occasionally. Call for details.

​We call in the order the deposits are received when we are blessed with puppies. 


​​Barker's English Mastiffs